Participation in major international conferences:


ELO 2018 “Mind the Gap” Thinking Electronic Literature in the Digital Culture / Penser la Littérature eléctronique en culture numérique, UQAM, Montreal (“Narrating the City in Augmented Aur(e)ality”)

SLSAeu Green Conference, European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts – University of Copehagen (“>>Graying<< the green”)

Politics of the Machines – Art and After, Aalborg University Copenhagen (“The politics of ontological coalitions – bonding across realms”)

Transient Topographies – Space and Interface in Digital Literature and Arts, National University of Ireland, Galway (“Post-digital imagery and its hybrid materialities”)

Cultures of Participation – Arts, Digital Media and Politics, Aarhus University (“VR – the culture of (non)participation?”)


Re:Trace – 7th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, Danube University Krems | Goettweig Abbey | Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna  (“The post-digital imagery as relational object”)

“Virtualities and Realities”, 2nd Open Fields Conference & Festival, RIXC Center for New Media Culture, Arts Academy of Latvia, Riga (” Between “dance of agency” and distributed agency of techno-ecological artistic practice”)

“Affiliations, Translations, Communities”, Electronic Literature Organization Conference 2017, University Fernando Pessoa, Porto („Vocalization: ephemerality, vocalization and meaning”)

Other Codes The First Galway Digital Cultures Initiative Conference, National University of Ireland, Galway (““‘Join the conversation’ – the power of hashtag and the participatory transmedia storytelling”)


International Conference on Digital Media and Textuality, University of Bremen (“The Media Materiality as a “Dance of Agency” – Performing Literary Text with Substances”)

Transimage Conference “The Atemporal Image”, The Fourth International Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference at the Intersection of Between Art, Science and Technology, Plymouth University (“Image as the exchange of energy: ontogenesis of a networked imagery”)

“Visual technologies, space and place” Digital Culture Research Group’s seminar, University of Bergen (“A sense of place? The internet of things and automated visualization of information exchange”)

„Total Recall: Memory as Frozen Data”,  St. Petersburg State University, Petersburg (101 Media Poetry Festival 2016) (“The memory of place or the memory of networks. Locative media – data flows and movement in space”)


End(s) of Electronic Literature, Electronic Literature Organization Conference 2015, University of Bergen. („Borderline of textuality, materiality of networks: from land art geographical poetry to locative literature”)

The Archives of/for the Future, The NECS (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies) 2015 Conference, Uniwersytet Łódzki. („Should we trust the corporation to do the archivist’s job? – datafied practices, collective memory and dynamic communication”)


“Past, Presents and Futures of Paratext in Digital Culture”, Digital Culture Research Group’s seminar, University of Bergen (“Mashup as paratextual practice: beyond digital objects (in the age of networked media).

“Post-Technological Experiences. Art-Science-Culture”, HAT Center, Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza in Poznań, (“Towards non-anthropocentric media theory”).


“Chercher le Texte – Locating the Text”, Electronic Literature Organization Conference 2013, Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris („A Humument app by Tom Phillips as a work of liberature: between text and embodiment”)

Communication and the City (Voices, Spaces, Media), University of Leeds  (“Nodes and flows of Kraków urban cultural life” (co-authorship with dr Magdalena Zdrodowska)